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10 common misconceptions about mobile device batteries

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Ah, the mobile battery ─ a thing of myth, of legend... of frustration. So much sway does battery life hold over us that we buy specific phones that guarantee us a couple of days' usage. And all of this when other devices can eke out a week's worth of usage (think Amazon Kindle).

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21 Oct 0

Apple quietly launched Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s

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Apple just launched a new accessory called the Smart Battery Case and it is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 and 6s that has less juice than the Plus version.The battery case comes with two different colors -Charcoal Gray and White.

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09 Mar 0

Power Banks and Portable Chargers Buying Guide

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Power banks and portable chargers are available in a variety of forms, however essentially they provide extra power for your smartphone when you are unable to charge your device. With smartphone applications becoming more and more useful and intensive, the amount of power they require to operate often drains your phone’s battery quicker until eventually it runs out.

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20 Apr 0

How to Choose the Best Portable Charger

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Portable power banks are a lifesaver & are one of the best phone accessories in which you can invest. If you’re a traveler and have had your phone battery die amidst a great adventure, you know the struggle. 

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