The Revolution in Charging Technology
Monster Capacity 20,000Mah
Quick Charging Technology
Charge speed up to 2.1A
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Unlimited Power, Unlimited Experience
266% of extra battery life,get an additional 5000mAH battery life
Smart Technology Integration
Now nothing comes in the way of your presentation.
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Welcome to PlayAccessories!


We are a wholesale company that specializes in lifestyle accessories. We offer you mobile phone accessories and novelty gift items for you to supply your gas station quick-stop shop, retail store or any office. Our multiple novelty items make unique gifts and have different functionalities. Families that enjoy taking road trips will stop at your shop for gas or food and encounter these lovely novelty items that will serve as a a memento for their trip! We supply you with wholesale novelties in the USA. Unique wholesale gifts are our specialty. We are wholesale accessory and novelty suppliers that provide both fun and practical products. BeLink Wholesale provides the most popular products to sell to retailers.

BELINK thanks you for your interest in our company and looks forward to the opportunity of showing you how great of a shopping experience we can provide!

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